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Auckland Edinburgh College offers a wide range of student services. Our cheerful and friendly multilingual staff are available to help students with homestay medical insurance applications, visas, flat share, bus passes, further study/career advice, independent travel and working holiday/ IRD issues (for eligible students only). We also provide a Hospitality Area which is open to all students who wish to drop in for a chat.

All students receive a full orientation on their arrival at Auckland Edinburgh College in order to help them to settle into College and New Zealand Life.

We also provide a 24 hour contact service for agents, parents and students to ensure peace of mind and security.

Language Support and Counseling for Students

| Student Welfare Officer

| Bilingual Counsellors


[email protected]


Peyton ZHENG

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■ Welfare and health Facilities

Please talk to the Student Welfare Officer about any concerns you might have relating to your ( or another student’s) personal welfare or health. Bilingual counsellors are available so that you can discuss matters in your first language if necessary.

All international students are required to have medical insurance. If you or your agent does not arrange your own insurance the school will purchase it and bill you for it. Your insurance company will have an emergency contact number for you to call. Please keep them informed at all times. Please remember that any medical treatment is likely to cost money. Sometimes these costs can be significant. Depending on your insurance, you may be required to pay for this yourself and submit the invoice to the insurance company for them to pay you back.

In addition to our onsite support team, you will also be given a guide book which can help you with advice and contact details in the event of sickness injury or other health related emergencies.

* General Practitioner

Manukau Super Clinic
Dr Selva Kumar
18 Wiri Station Road Manukau Central, Auckland 1702
Phone (09) 262-2011
Fax (09) 262-2015

Education on living in NZ. Some assemblies have time dedicated to teaching you about personal safety, arriving in NZ, beach life in NZ and health and safety.

We provide you with a student ID card which has your full name, ID number, Date of Birth and expiry date of the college. Your student ID card gives you a discount on:


  •  Public transport such as bus, train and ferry.
  •  Entry tickets to the museum, zoo, movies and etc.

If you join one library in the South Auckland area you are able to use your card in any of the branches. Membership is free but you need to have two forms of ID i.e. passport and student card to join. We have library application forms in reception and we will help you to fill them out if you would like us to.

The Manukau library is the closest to our school. They have foreign language newspapers and “Penguin Readers” which are books designed especially for language students. You can also borrow “listening books” where you can read the story and listen to the tape at the same time.

Do not carry a lot of cash on you. It is highly recommended you carry no more than $100 on you. In New Zealand the EFTPOS system means that you can pay for items in shops, restaurants, offices etc. using your bank card. Your EFTPOS card will have a pin number which you should keep to yourself. No one else can use your card if they do not know your pin number, so you should never tell anyone your pin number and never keep your card and pin number together.

New Zealand has several large banks and the Finance Officer will help you open an account as part of your orientation. Please talk to the Finance Officer if you need help with banking or advice on money matters.

Our school provides all kinds of advice and help for students looking to continue their studies. We can help you with:

  1. Extension of AEC’s courses
  2. Quick application to the 8 national universities
  3. Advice on diploma courses
  4. Free visa extension for all school arranged students

We encourage you to talk to the AEC Careers Counselor and Welfare team if you have questions or need advice about future options.