Activities & Events

Morning tea

Every Friday during morning tea, all of the students at AEC share finger food and have fellowship together.

Club Activities

Every Wednesday Auckland Edinburgh College runs a variety of clubs. These include learning Korean, guitar, taekwondo, CCD and many more. They are free to join.



Auckland Edinburgh College has an assembly every Thursday at 10:15am. This is a time to announce notices to our students. Firstly, we provide information about culture and basic etiquette of New Zealand, as well as health and safety information. Also new students are introduced to school and graduation certificates are given to graduating students. During the singing of the Welcome and Farewell songs, you will feel the warmth and family-like atmosphere of our school.

Friday Activity

Every friday, we have a friday activity programme where students can visit Auckland attractions in like the museum, shopping centres and Art gallery. Theses activities happen after class starting at 1pm. This is a great way for students to discover Auckland cheaply.