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International  English  Language  Testing  System

  Why IELTS?

IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System” and is a prerequisite for all university entrance tests in New Zealand.

At Auckland Edinburgh College we recognize the different goals of our IELTS students and have therefore tailored the courses appropriately.

We can offer two different levels of IELTS classes:

  • IELTS 1, to meet the needs of students who require a band score of 5.0 or 5.5 for University Foundation Courses.
  • IELTS 2, to equip those who need higher scores to enter Degree or Masters programmes.

An internal IELTS Screen Test (offered free of charge) will determine the students ability for the level they require.

We have a highly experienced IELTS team with an excellent pass rate and student feedback, and as preparation for an IELTS test is a time consuming practice, and different universities require different band scores, we are continually developing our system to monitor the student’s progress.

Students can book their own IELTS tests at MIT; however, we recommend booking through us, as we can match the test date with the start and end of our course. In this way students will get the full benefit of the courses we offer.

Every university will have their own requirements for the different Diploma and Degree programmes they offer. This entry requirement includes IELTS, but they will also include the following:

  • Previous level of education in the student’s home country
  • Length of study time in New Zealand
  • Other areas of study at preparation level completed in English in New Zealand
  • Suitability for the course as assessed during an interview

While AEC cannot guarantee acceptance to New Zealand universities, we do have established pathways to various UNITEC Foundation courses and other tertiary institutions.


Your IELTS certificate shows that you have successfully completed the IELTS preparation course.

■  IELTS Teachers

Dan Stradwick has been a Church pastor for 25 years and has been teaching ESL for 10 years. He is a good communicator and presenter of English especially in higher levels. IELTS is his special field and he is currently teaching this class. He is a competent musician and encourages students to sing in English whenever possible. He encourages humor as a positive learning tool.

Gina Stradwick has been a secondary school teacher for 20 years and an ESOL teacher for 10 years. She has a very personal approach to teaching which brings out the students’ personality linked to their language. She is very competent at teaching all levels of English and all ages, she encourages students to enjoy learning and practicing English because of her bright and positive attitude.

  Elements of the IELTS test

■ IELTS : How will I know when I am ready?


Before taking an IELTS exam, the student needs a basic knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. This includes classes from Beginner to Intermediate level. Without these foundational studies students cannot attain the higher scores they require.

Our Academic Intermediate/IELTS 1 class is specifically designed to provide the additional vocabulary needed for academic writing and listening with a band score of 5.5. Upper Intermediate General English is highly recommended for IETLS 2 where a band score of 6 or 7 is needed.

It is important to remember that IELTS classes are designed to teach IELTS skills and vocabulary, not English grammar. A sound all-round English ability is required when entering New Zealand universities, not just the ability to pass an IELTS exam. University level, students will need to:

  • Easily understand their lecturer
  • Read and understand academic material
  • Write and speak fluently

Being patient and realistic will be most beneficial in the long run. The class teachers can best assess the readiness of the students to move up to the next level. They will also be able to advise students on the correct path to attain their desired goal. For more information please feel free to contact the school.

IELTS High Scorers

Lee Dong San(South Korea) 7.5

Kim Nam Do(South Korea) 7.0

Dong Nianyi(China) 7.0

Bai Yang(China) 6.5

Seo Chung Won(South Korea) 6.5

Dang NGOC Hung(Vietnam) 6.5

Chen Dan(China) 6.5

Verges Carlos(Switzerland) 7.5

Xu Jin(China) 7.0

Shao Yipiao(China) 7.0

Zhang Wang(China) 6.5

Pan Zhaoshuo(China) 6.5

Jia Ruolin(China) 6.5

Chen Xiang(China) 6.0

Li Jingyi (China) 7.5

Karmacharya Arai(Nepal) 7.0

Zhao Meng(China) 7.0

Kim Hyun Woo(South Korea) 6.5

Zhang Anna(China) 6.5

Zou Jie(China)6.5