Student Life | Accommodation

Auckland Edinburgh College has a dedicated homestay department which organises accommodation for students. Homestay is the preferred accommodation option as it helps students to improve their English and experience a true Kiwi lifestyle. We work hard to ensure that you are matched with a family appropriate for your needs and requirements. Our goal is to introduce you to a family who will become lifelong friends. We also encourage you to stay as long as possible in your homestay so you can improve your English more quickly.

In addition ourur homestay team will offer regular advice and help throughtout your time with us to ensure that you get the most out of your homestay and social experience while in New Zealand.

All homestay arrangements from Auckland Edinburgh College meet the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. This also means that students under the age of 18 years must stay in a homestay or designated care giver for the length of the course that they enrol in.

■ Rules and Regulations

  • The minimum stay in a homestay is four weeks. However, you can choose to stay longer but if you wish to change your homestay you are required to give two weeks notice.
  • Students are not allowed to make private accommodation arrangements with any other AEC host family.
  • Homestay fee for students under 18 years old is $280 NZD a week plus a $10 admin fee.
    For students over 18 years it is $270 NZD plus a $10 admin fee.
  • The first homestay arrangement costs $200.
  • The school pays the homestay fee for the first four weeks which is $250 a week (including an administration fee of $10). From the fifth week, students pay directly to their homestay parents at $240 per week. This incorporates food, electricity and general wear and tear on appliances and furnishings.
  • There is no further charge if you wish to change your Homestay within the first week. After the first week and if it is a private reason, to change your Homestay and organise a new homestay will cost &100.
  • We encourage you to stay as long as possible in your homestay, so you can improve your English more quickly.
  • The homestay coordinator will interview you in three to four weeks’ time to see if you are happy in your homestay or if you require any other assistance.
  • You are required to give two weeks’ notice if you wish to change your Homestay. You have to talk to the school’s homestay Coordinator.
  • Students under the age of 18 must stay with a Homestay or designated caregivers for the length of courses they have enrolled in.